A griddle is simply a flat metal plate which cooks food by conducting heat directly from the griddle surface to the food product.
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If we don't want to risk the helpful nutrients vegetables can provide in our body, the steamer is the best solution.

You can see griddles in your favorite burger restaurant or burger stalls around your place. In using Griddle, a thin layer of cooking oil must be put on the metal plate so the cooked item will separate the food from the metal surface to keep the food from sticking.

Griddles are used to cook different kinds of foods including bacon, eggs, hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, steak, and many more! Some also like to use the griddle to heat food in a small pan, like melting butter or another way to fry. Other griddles are equipped with an additional metal plate placed a few inches above the griddle surface to provide extra cooking from above. This add-on is great when you have a heavy-duty food/restaurant business. Griddle surfaces should be cleaned regularly. A clean griddle keeps the strange taste of burned food from the food product earlier.


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We provide what's best for our clients and we do it right!

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