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Steamers produce nutritious and flavorsome viands.
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Steamed foods are the best! They are never absent during meal time or even snack time.

Steamers produce nutritious and flavorsome viands. Food business owners know how salable steam foods are. A single steamer can heat a variety of dishes. Imagine how powerful is that? And most of all, it comes with three compartments, stacked as one.


We provide what's best for our clients and we do it right!

For 35 years, we proved our quality work in installations, repairs, and provides routine maintenance of Catering Facilities for any size business or organization in the Greater Puget Sound. It also includes a recommendation of quality assurance for those who want to improve their Catering service experience and technical consulting for more information.

However, steamers may also be sensitive at times.

It may be because of handling carelessness or maybe it reached its limit. As an owner, how do you handle this kind of situation? We know the first thing that comes into your mind is to look for a repairman. With just one click, we can provide help for you!

Are you a do-it-yourselfer? We can help you troubleshoot your appliance over the phone or through e-mail and provide the parts you need to complete the repairs on your Steam Cookers. From the tip, lid problems to the bottom, which is the timers. Name it all, we assist repair for any technical concerns! If you want quality parts for your repair, we can also provide that just for you!

We provide what's best for our clients and we do it right!

Get in touch with us for any assistance about your Steam Cookers. We are here to provide you with exact information and create the most convenient solution for you. We would also be happy to hear your feedback. Call us now with this number (206) 730-2662 or email us using the button below.